Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Had A Vivid Dream

As spoken to my wife

 (Set in a house similar to ours)
It starts with a discussion between a married man and a woman (wearing green) from his past. They both are on the married couples' bed (while a sister is sitting in the corner). They talk of memories. She attempts to kiss the man. He pushes away and gets up. He walks to the bathroom to find his wife sitting on the toilet in anger. She comes out and confronts the woman, yelling and ready to fight. The man shuns his wife and with a pointed finger, verbally recollects the things they lack in their marriage.

(In a hallway)
The man is in discussion with two friends. One of which is attempting to have him go on a journey in his place. The man tells his friend that he will have no way home if he goes.

(Back in the bathroom)
The man shows four men to the shower and tells them to get washed up. One grabs his towel and gets in the shower. One places a pan in the sink. The other two talk amongst themselves just outside.

(Walking and through an old mansion)
The man and his wife walk through  the mansion with walls of red with the woman (wearing green). The couple are to buy and reside in this mansion. He announces that he's never seen the room they walk through. As they walk he notices artifacts from around the world. He passes a wax figure of the original owner. Apparently an inventor. The inventor sits behind a control panel, posing.

(Still walking and into a fashion/electronics show)
The man sees rounded benches and sits down. There are gift bags filled with candy. Toward the end of the show a hostess comes to collect the candy. The man stops her and asks for a certain hard candy in wrappers. She leaves several pieces, most of which are blue.

I wake

Sketches From Maine

The trip was fantastic! We stayed with our friends' relatives. We built campfires every night. We ate delicious food. I got some sort of bug that would not go away. After the fifth day of our trip we went to Baxter State Park and camped for four more days. We hiked up Mount Katahdin and as we descended, I got sick on the trail. Hmmm? I then felt like a million bucks. It was great! Inspirational and eye opening!

Friday, July 22, 2011

My First Cigarette

I was about 15 when I had my first cigarette. I remember sitting in the bed of a beat up pickup, feeling free as we sped through the night. Sounds a little cheesy, I know, but so rewarding. My buddy had "bummed" me a smoke (aside from his resentment) and I remember it tasting incredible, not wretched, like everyone had described in adolescence. This tiny little piece is the first of many to come. I will be releasing a bunch of 8" x 10" paintings commemorating the experiences I've had through the horrible addiction of cigarette smoking.

In Light Of Our Upcoming Move

Well It hasn't been easy. Lost my day job not too long ago as well as trying to endure the struggle of family issues. Yesterday, it seemed the world had up and left it's responsibilities, in light of today's ever present political and commercial greed. Those that say America is in a state of financial crisis are absolutely right. But what about the fat cats? Those with so much green that they could easily wear a new outfit for everyday of the year? Here I am burning through laundry, just to keep my three good shirts clean.

This will be the first time that I am, in a sense, "forced" to leave my home. Well hey, as I raise my beer I'll be glad to shout, "Here's to new beginnings!"

Stay Well!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Hot Day For Business Cards

After realizing that my wife took my keys (by mistake of course), I decided to take a walk into downtown Phoenixville. 100 degree temperatures will never stop the hunger for nicotine...and let's not forget the undoubted desire to promote some art!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Steel City Coffee House Group Art Show

Three of my paintings will be in show and on sale at Steel City Coffee House between August 5th and November 29th. Steel City will be conducting their quarterly group art show which will feature many talented artists, starting the 1st Friday of August. So stop in, grab some coffee, and check it out! Much respect goes out to Steel City and Frank Giammatteo for making this event possible! Below are some links to which I feel you all should definitely click.